Top 10 Nature Spots on East Yorkshire’s Coast

East Yorkshire is such an interesting, varied, yet still somewhat ‘under-the-radar’ destination that doesn’t really shout about itself that much, so here goes, we’re going to shout about it! The coast boasts miles of rugged coastline with jaw-dropping views at every turn and golden beaches stretching for miles. As you plan your glamping getaway at Kingfisher Lakes, be sure to include these top 10 nature-filled attractions in your itinerary. Not exactly a countdown, more a North to South order for ease of map-reading!

1. Bempton Cliffs: Nature’s Spectacle

Reconnect with nature at Bempton Cliffs, a beauty spot where 400-foot chalk cliffs provide a stunning backdrop to the crashing waves and endless coastal views. Visit during spring and summer to witness over half a million seabirds, including gannets, puffins, razorbills, guillemots, and kittiwakes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The puffins have a particular pull for visitors as they’re just so cute! You’ll (almost!) definitely see them between May – July.

2. Flamborough North Landing: A Picturesque Secluded Beach

Discover the picture-perfect Flamborough North Landing, a small, secluded beach surrounded by chalk cliffs. Pack a picnic, explore marine wildlife in rockpools, and if timing allows, witness the traditional coble fishing boats coming ashore—a charming nod to Flamborough’s maritime history. There are a number of bays and coves along this bit of coastline, an old family favourite of ours was always Thornwick Bay, definitely worth a visit!

3. The Drinking Dinosaur at Flamborough Head: Nature’s Sculpture

South of the Flamborough Head lighthouse (you can go up the lighthouse if you’re up for the stair climb!) lies a fascinating rock formation, affectionately known as the Drinking Dinosaur. Officially named the Green Stack Pinnacle, its unique shape makes it one of East Yorkshire’s most photographed spots. Keep an eye out for sunbathing seals on the beach below, adding an extra touch to your visit. We also saw a huge pod of dolphins passing by from this very spot in March 2023 so you might be lucky too, keep your eyes peeled!

4. Danes Dyke: Ancient Woodlands descend to the Sea

Another family favourite of ours, as kids we would visit here a lot, Mum would just open the car doors and let us run round the woodland trails which all lead down to the beach so you can’t get lost, just remember to save some energy for the walk back up to the car park!

5. Sewerby Clifftops

Between Danes Dyke and Bridlington is a village called Sewerby, with a large Hall, park & gardens with a lovely zoo, the star of which is the penguins but there are many more interesting creatures! I love watching the Lemurs following the sun round – you’ll see what I mean if you visit on a sunny day!

6. Bridlington Promenade: Seaside Bliss

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the two-mile promenade in Bridlington, relishing impressive views of the award-winning beach. Extend your walk to Sewerby cliff top to the North for special views back over the bay of Bridlington, or head South towards Fraisthorpe.

7. Fraisthorpe Beach: Rugged Wilderness

Our favourite beach, and one of the closest to Kingfisher Lakes, we love the wild ruggedness of it with an easy step off the low grassy field where you park straight onto the sand, head left (North to Bridlington) or right (South to Barmston) and walk for miles without seeing anyone some days! There’s a super cafe spot for a warming cuppa by the fire if it’s been a chilly cobweb-blowing type of walk!

8. Hornsea Mere: Yorkshire’s Largest Freshwater Lake

Nestled in the coastal town of Hornsea, Yorkshire’s largest freshwater lake, Hornsea Mere, is a wildlife haven attracting diverse bird species. Take a leisurely stroll around the mere, or opt for a motorboat trip to appreciate the beauty of this internationally significant site.

9. The Humber Bridge Country Park: Iconic Landmark Over the Estuary

Standing proudly over the Humber estuary, the Humber Bridge is one of the world’s longest single span suspension bridges. Take a leisurely stroll along Hessle Foreshore to admire this iconic structure, and for a unique experience, embark on a 1.4-mile walk across the bridge, enjoying panoramic views of the estuary. The Humber Bridge Country Park is a stunning woodland amongst dramatic chalk cliffs.

10. Spurn Nature Reserve: A Moving Peninsula for Birdwatchers

Discover the unique Spurn Nature Reserve, a constantly shifting peninsula stretching into the Humber Estuary. A haven for birdwatchers, the reserve offers sightings of rare species. Capture the iconic Spurn Lighthouse for memorable photos and climb to the top for panoramic views across the reserve. You can book a unique trip over the sand on a Unimog vehicle, check out their website for more details.

Embark on a glamping adventure at Kingfisher Lakes and let East Yorkshire’s natural wonders stop you in your tracks, take it all in and create unforgettable moments along the way.