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Kayaking Adventures and kingfisher spotting on your East Yorkshire Glamping Holiday here at Kingfisher Lakes – what could be better?! You can paddle away on one of our tranquil lakes right in front of your tent – choose your spot and check out the Glamping Tents info page HERE.

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Confidence-building adventures for the kids!

We think being at duck’s-eye level fills your brain with happy, relaxing hormones; there’s just nothing better, it’s definitely a favourite family activity of our guests here.

The 2-3 seater Kayaks are available for hire for the duration of your stay (from £45) so you’re not limited to an hour, you can simply enjoy the lake at your heart’s content. This activity is available during our glamping tent season, it is suitable for total beginners and providing there is an adult to supervise children in your group to take responsibility. It’s amazing to see kid’s confidence on the water grow during their stay, older kids may even take their own solo adventures out on the lake while parents keep an eye on them from their tent balcony.

A Kayak Hire Agreement Form will need to be signed by an adult/parent before kayaks, oars and lifejackets are handed over.

We require any participants to watch a brief safety video shown below.

We provide lifejackets (fitted per individual) which must be worn at all times on the water (you’re not required to wear them in bed as one child asked us once!).

Can I bring my own Paddleboard or Kayak?

Sorry but we cannot permit the use of paddleboards or any other vessels on our lakes due to safety and insurance restrictions. You can of course choose to hire our 2-3 seater sit on top kayaks for the duration of your stay (£45 for a weekend).