Guests staying at Kingfisher Lakes are more than welcome to fish in both of the lakes during your stay. The only rules/restrictions we have are to ensure other guests and lake users (kayakers) are not disturbed by any fishing lines, equipment or facilities. We must advise that anyone fishing the lakes here has their own equipment and Rod Licence for freshwater fishing in England & Wales.

Fishing holidays with family or groups
Historically, the lakes began as gravel deposited by glacial ice sheets during and since the Ice Age. There is a long glacial gravel seam stretching towards Hull from here and previous generations of landowners of this area operated a gravel company; extracting it as a source of aggregate for the production of concrete and mortar used in the construction and road building industry.

Large catch at kingfisher lakes
Once the gravel mining ceased, these deep ‘quarries’ were filled in the early 1980’s and the lakes and it’s inhabitants have been left to naturalise, unmonitored, ever since.
There are some very large carp in the lakes we know about as a number of fishermen staying on the site in recent years have caught the one they believe to be the biggest, a mirror carp of over 33lbs (pictured).

Fishing holiday with family
Other species we know to be thriving here are Tench, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Bream and Pike which have also been caught over the years.

      Fishing on the kayaks!
        Big catch at Kingfisher!
        Big catch in front of wood