What you need to know about Glamping

glamping not camping

Will you be a Happy Glamper? Here’s what you need to know about staying in the great outdoors…

Glamping not camping, so what’s the same and what’s different? Do you have what it takes to enjoy the comfort of glamping?! This is camping for people who don’t do camping! So if you’ve never stayed in the great outdoors, here’s a few things you might expect to experience…

  1. There will be wildlife noises in the night
  2. There may be a few creepy crawlies
  3. You may sleep like a log after all the fresh air (and our super-comfy beds)
  4. Although you may be awake very early with the sun (bring eye masks!)
  5. You may see sublime sunsets and shooting stars across these big skies
  6. You may smell like smoke from the campfire for days
  7. You may relax so much that you don’t move off the site for days
  8. You may recharge yourself more than you do your phone
  9. You will reconnect with each other while disconnecting from daily life
  10. You may need to book your next trip before you leave!

Ps. You don’t even have to cook, the nearby village has everything you need including the fabulous Bert’s.

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