8 Scandi Words Perfect For Your Glamping Getaway

Glamping, that perfect combination of camping and luxury, is all about enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing cosiness. We recently took a trip over to Copenhagen, somewhere we’d wanted to visit for years and it did not disappoint – those Scandis just seem to have things sussed don’t they? In fact, the Safari Tents here at Kingfisher Lakes are designed by our supplier in The Netherlands – the global experts in tent design. The language and the lifestyle the Scandis seem to have quite rightly elevated the importance of feeling content and snuggly which is exactly how we want to feel when glamping so I found some of my favourite Scandi words that you could relate to your own glamping adventure!

  1. Hygge – You’ve probably heard of this Danish word before, and for good reason! Hygge is all about creating a sense of comfort, contentment, and well-being. Set the mood with soft lighting, surround yourself with plush cushions, and sip on a warm drink (or a cold one in Summer!). It’s about finding joy in the simple pleasures and creating a sanctuary where you can truly unwind.
  2. Sólarfrí – an Icelandic word meaning ‘Sun holiday’, i.e., when workers are granted unexpected time off to enjoy a particularly sunny/warm day. How fab! We need this in the UK don’t we?! I love a saying they have in Iceland too: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”!
  3. Friluftsliv – Get ready to embrace the great outdoors! Friluftsliv, a Norwegian word, encourages you to connect with nature and spend quality time in the open air. Go for a walk around the lake or along the bridlepath to the village, take out your kayak and paddle the waters, or simply lie back and gaze at the stars. It’s all about immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world – perfect for your glamping holiday.
  4. Koselig – another Norwegian word, it simply means “cosy,” and it’s all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Think soft blankets, flickering fairylights and a crackling fire. It’s about embracing your glamping space as the relaxing retreat that you never want to leave.
  5. Fika – Picture this: you’re surrounded by nature, and it’s time for a break. Grab a cup of your favourite coffee or tea, and pair it with a nice biscuit for dunking. That’s fika! – a Swedish word that’s all about taking a moment to relax and enjoy the little indulgences in life.
  6. Lagom – Glamping is about finding that perfect balance. Not too much, not too little. Just the right amount of luxury and simplicity. It’s a Swedish word about the sentiment of creating a nurturing space where you can unwind and feel perfectly content.
  7. Kura skymning – I love this Swedish term for ‘sitting quietly and pondering at dusk’ and this should definitely be something you sink into doing on your glamping stay, we get some sensational sunsets here in the flatlands of East Yorkshire – a reminder to slow down and take in what is such an awesome sight that we as humans seems to have lost the ‘awe’ of.
  8. Sisu – Time to channel your inner strength! Sisu, a Finnish word, represents determination, resilience, and that never-give-up attitude. Glamping might bring its challenges in some weathers, but with sisu, you’ll face them head-on and come out stronger. It’s about embracing the adventure and pushing your limits (within the comforts provided at in the great outdoors .

So, there you have it! Whether you’re enjoying a fika break, relaxing into the warm and inviting atmosphere, or embracing the beauty of nature, these words will guide you towards an unforgettable glamping adventure. So, get out there, breathe in the fresh air, book your getaway and let the Scandi spirit of comfort and hygge take you on an amazing journey!