Why we feel peaceful near water …

We get to see guests arrive here at Kingfisher Lakes and immediately see them relax more as they begin to look around. They all comment that “it’s so peaceful” and we believe that has a lot to do with being by the lakes and what that can do for us humans.

Being near water calms the nervous system. In the book “Blue Mind”, Marine Biologist, Wallace J. Nichols states “Being near water allows us to access a semi-meditative state known as ‘drifting’. Drifting is a special form of attention where we are engaged with the world around us but not focussed on getting something done”…Ahhh so this explains why sometimes myself and the team get a bit ‘drifty’ when we’re trying to work hard on changeover days by the beautiful lakes!

Being near natural water is one of the powerful ways to nurture the nervous system and some studies have shown that just looking at a body of water can decrease heart rate and blood pressure. So basically there is a reason why we see those guest’s shoulders drop as they relax straight away into their lakeside getaway! Not forgetting the sea and rivers too, you can of course easily visit the East Yorkshire Coast on your stay here to ‘test the water’ and find out which body of water makes you feel more relaxed! Of course there’s the wood-fired hot tubs at each of our lodges to properly immerse yourself in the water; whilst looking at the shimmering water of the lake too – a double whammy of chill-time!

All the accommodation here at Kingfisher Lakes is by the water, the glamping tents all focus round one lake and the lodges with hot tubs are round the other one.

Book your getaway now and get ready to ease your body and mind!